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Look Who's Laughing Now

Mainichi Daily News published a 5-part article this week on Murakami, which began with this. Not much new information, really, but an acceptable appetizer for a Murakami fan who's been waiting for his memoir/essay collection to be on bookstore shelves (hopefully) by July. Of course, I'm more excited for his next novel ("poised to become his biggest ever") after a very slim (and, well, slightly disappointing) After Dark.

Two weeks ago, I was able to finish a rereading of his Pinball, 1973 on my N95, which I lost (yes, I lost my barely 3-month old phone!) just last night. (I changed phones for about four times since last year and so I'm thinking of not buying a new one for some time---a week? two weeks?). I'm online 24/7 anyway so we can still get in touch.